Known For Outstanding Results

Known For Outstanding Results

Date: March 1, 2016 By: admin

Yes! Indeed! Your smile after a makeover by Dr. Yatin Khanna cannot get better. Each patient would be treated with so much care that you would actually find dental procedures fun and not a pain anymore. Dr. Yattin Khanna is a highly experienced Prosthodontist who has a very reputed name in New Jersey / New York (Tribeca) for pain free services.

You can undergo a complete smile makeover where your teeth would be cleaned of all the stains because of certain habits. A complete smile makeover can put back that lost smile of yours. Most of the patients who have lost their teeth due to accidents, cancer, smoking, diabetes can have their teeth restored with a cosmetic surgery which is absolutely painless. Now, there would be nothing to stop you from smiling because we offer you tooth whitening where your teeth will be completely cleaned with a whitening agent usually peroxide. Even certain people need a temporary dental bridge to decrease the space or gap between the teeth caused due to uneven growth of adult teeth. Your consciousness while smiling can be completely removed from your mind.

One should not avoid or neglect bad teeth. It should be corrected in the initial stages itself. So it is advisable and wise to get your teeth checked up very regularly.

We use completely modern equipments with which each patient is provided with top quality service. Dr. Yattin Khanna is also a very experienced Maxillofacial Prosthodontist who also helps to fix certain deformities in the head, neck and other regions which are mostly caused by cancer or removal of tumour etc. Most of these deformities are post surgical defects. It is a very complex procedure which needs a very experienced Prosthodontist.

At our practice we are completely dedicated towards the satisfaction of our patients .You can browse through the various sections in the website and read in detail about all the services we offer.

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